Trouble with Trolls

by Jan Brett, c1992.


Jan Brett is one of my all time favorite artists.  I don’t mean she’s one of my favorite illustrators.  I mean artists period.  Picasso is also on the list.

I picked this Jan Brett title out of all the other Jan Brett titles on the shelf because I vaguely remembered that the little girl wears a dope outfit.

I did not remember any of the plot.  Heidi Klume would approve.


The incredibly well styled girl is named Treva.  Like the sandals but with an “r”.

She’s on a hike up a snowy mountain to visit her grandmother.  Treva is a better dresser and a better granddaughter than I am.

Midway through this book I thought “this is the most beautifully illustrated story about hypothermia I have ever read,” but I kept reading.

All the way through this book I thought “I still really want that sweater, and those mittens, and that hat.”  Because consumerism is something that stays with you longer than the plot to a children’s book.

Even a really beautifully illustrated one.


I would give this book to David the Gnome.

The trolls in this story live in a sick den.

The bottom half of every page shows their lair and it is like a Pottery Barn catalog for creatures who live among tree roots.

David and his pals could probably hit up their buddy Harvey Weinstein to hook them up with some new digs, I bet he’s running out of ways to spend that Silver Linings Playbook money.  


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