Olivia Saves the Circus

written and illustrated by Ian Falconer, c2001.


Olivia is popular now but she is after my time.

Thanks to  Cam Jansen I’ve had a soft spot for circuses since time began so that’s really why I went for this one.


At first I didn’t really like Olivia.  Over accessorizing annoys me and obvious boasting isn’t a good look either.  So Olivia starts out on my bad side even if she is just a little girl pig dressing up and embellishing.

But then her teacher insinuates that Olivia is fibbing and just like that I am starting to get back on Olivia’s side.  Authority figures are still the enemy right?

Next the pages start to become fold outs and unconsciously I’m liking Olivia even more.  I am a sucker for fold out pages! (Theory: fold out pages are the real reason why Playboy is so popular.)

Finally Olivia gets ready for bed and puts on her pajamas.  Red long-johns WITH a butt flap?  Ok, Olivia is my favorite pig.  (Sorry Porky but butt flap > bow tie.)

Oh yeah somewhere between over accessorizing and putting on her jammies Olivia saves the circus.

Honestly, the plot is secondary.

Olivia is simply charming.


Leslie Knope would LOVE Olivia.

I’ve never seen Leslie’s bedroom, but I can imagine a poster of Eleanor Roosevelt hangs above her bed just like in Olivia’s room.

Olivia Saves the Circus will be the first book in my campaign to change Leslie’s mind about the library.


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