Goodnight Goon

by Michael Rex, c2008.


I recently re-watched Goon written by Jay Baruchel and starring Liev Schreiber.

(Tis on Netflix now.)

The latest in a semi long line of hockey films that have tried to recreate what Slap Shot did so perfectly.

Goon came close…but as far as cultural impact we’ll have to wait and see.

I’ve been known to sleep in Charlestown Chiefs home whites to this day.  Only in the winter though because those sweaters are toasty.


Parody is the greatest form of flattery no?

Goodnight Goon is a spooky re-write of Goodnight Moon.

Goodnight Moon is so well loved that it is constantly being over or underrated every time a top 100 comes out.

The thing that Goodnight Goon really captured was the cadence of the original.  This book is crazy fun to read aloud.  It’s got mad flow.


Kevin Smith will get the Goon ref and since he has been going through a horror phase…boom perfect!

Also I really love the idea of Jay Mewes reading this book out loud to Silent Bob.

Snoochie boochies.


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