by Aaron Becker, c2013.


I legit love wordless books.

You get to make up everything.


This book is dedicated “To Josephine” so I named the protagonist Josephine.  I legit love the name Josephine.

There’s no evidence that this is her name.  I just made it so.  Wordless books give you that kind of power.

Josephine has a busy family.

Her mom is making dinner while also talking on the phone, it’s a landline with a cord, which seems like a statement in a book published in 2013.

Josephine’s father is busy sitting too close to the computer screen whilst losing at online poker because he’s not Phil Ivey.

Meanwhile her sister is playing what looks like a NintendoDS, probably Mario Kart.

None of them want to play with Josephine.

Naturally this prompts Josephine to use her magic red crayon to draw a door in her bedroom wall directly into a forest.  A forest that looks oddly similar to the forest in Where the Wild Things Are except it’s been decorated like a vampire wedding with paper lanterns and strings of twinkly lights everywhere.

Josephine’s magic red crayon continues to get her into and out of sticky situations in increasingly fascinating scenes.  There’s a castle, steampunk flying contraptions that look straight out of The Wild Wild West, and a heavily guarded Japanese pagoda.

Just then OH NO! Josephine loses her magic red crayon…

You’ll have to check this one out to see what happens.

Go ahead and name the protagonist whatever you want.  Feel the power.


David Wiesner needs to box out before this Becker fella steals his title belt for Wordless Book World Champion.

I feel a cage match coming on.

I legit love the word legit.


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