Some Dogs Do

by Jez Alborough, c2003.



This title reminded me of Jessa telling Shoshanna and by proxy Hannah not to worry about contracting the human papillomavirus because “all adventurous women do.”

Yup, HPV and picture books.  This is my wheelhouse.


This book is about a dog named Sid who has the good type of Peter Pan syndrome.  Instead of refusing to grow up and get a job and a life and responsibilities, Sid can fly by being in a good mood.  No fairy dust required.

Of course as with all unexpected awesome things (like the other day when I no-look sky hooked a piece of paper from a seated position at my desk into the trash can all the way across the room)  no one was around to see Sid’s first flight.

After a frustrating day of trying to convince his classmates that he did indeed fly to school that day, Sid finds comfort at home.  Where not only does his dad believe Sid flew…turns out he has a touch of Peter Pan syndrome himself!  The good type.  (But I bet if we talked to Sid’s mom she’d say he’s got a little bit of the other type too.)

A lot of what makes a good picture book great is the strength of it’s last line:

“Do dogs fly?  Is it true?  Some dogs don’t.  Some dogs do!”

Nicely done Jez Alborough, nicely done.


Everyone who I have subsequently told about no-look skyhook and didn’t believe me.   You guys are just like Sid’s classmates.

Some girls don’t sink balls of scratch paper into trashcans 16 feet away without looking up from their screens.  Some girls do!


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